Our slow-fashion streetwear brand ONGNA is committed to pursuing sustainable ways in our production & post-production.
Our small batch production ensures that each piece is meticulously crafted, created with care and intention, reducing overproduction and waste. We keep our inventory low or source our fabrics based on actual orders, keeping our stock very limited. With industry manufacturers setting a higher MOQ (minimum order quantity) a small order quantity means we pay a higher price for our designs, but this approach helps us to reduce waste and is one of our attempts at keeping our planet green. Our manufacturers are located globally, they are a group of independent and talented tailors, seamstresses & local artisans who make our designs come to life. We have went above and beyond to carefully vet our vendors & manufacturers to have complete assurance of fair practices including but not limited to - having a safe space to work, getting a good wage & being the appropriate age. We are a small business, with very little funds, however, we have not let that refrain us from maintaining a standard in our production habits.

A Vision for the Future:
Our long-term vision is to establish our very own studio in India with in-house production.
With our own studio, we'll be able to create without any constraints, meaning releasing more awesome, cool stuff, also minimizing our reliance on overseas manufacturing units, giving us greater control over the entire production process.
Your support is pivotal in helping us achieve these ambitious goals. By choosing ONGNA and being a part of our community, you're not only selecting sustainable fashion but you also become a part of a movement toward a greener and more responsible future for the fashion industry.

Thank you for supporting small indie brands, your support is very crucial in helping us grow. <3