ONGNA is a Toronto-based brand and a reflection of our founder's Assamese roots and her deeper connection and influence from her motherland. Assam, a state in northeastern India, is known for it's vast tea gardens, flora and fauna, and it's rich culture & diversity. Through every design, we aim to fuse our cultural identity & traditional learnings into modern Inclusive Streetwear while sharing the story of Assam - it's landscapes, traditions, and challenges. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic intersection of urban landscapes and the natural world, our pieces tell a story of contrast and harmony, capturing the dynamic dance between the city's hustle and the serenity of the wild. Our designs often draw from the intricate motifs found in traditional Assamese textiles and Assamese embroidery. We find expression in the hustle and multicultural heartbeat of Toronto through creating modern & innovative silhouettes meshing urban vibes with Mother Nature's touch.

We love using recycled fabrics & materials along with locally sourced deadstock fabrics to create our pieces. All raw materials we use are 100% ethically sourced. Ongna creates limited edition cool $h!t which are all gender-neutral!

As we grow, we will add more inclusive sizes in the future, which is one of our goals.

Intimate : As an independent designer and an immigrant, facing numerous struggles, I am currently operating from my Studio Apt in Toronto. I don't have any financial backing or big corporate funding. All of my designs is a labour of immense LOVE, and is a loveletter to whoever wears it. ONGNA is for anyone who adores individuality and self expression. As each piece of my collections find it's way to your hands and hearts, I hope they indulge you in expressing yourself. Every creation of mine is limited stock and I do not plan to restock unless high demand. 

- Angana, Founder

Thank you for supporting small indie brands, your support is very crucial in helping us grow. <3